GAO Report And EDF Cost Revisions Reignite Debate On Hinkley Point C

日期 2017/7/7 9:43:34 | 新聞類別: 國際核能現況

6 Jul (NucNet): The recent announcement by French state-controlled utility EDF that it has added £1.5bn (€1.7bn, $1.9bn) to its estimated costs for two new reactors at Hinkley Point C, has led to questions about whether the government should rethink the project, with some politicians calling for it to be abandoned.

EDF’s announcement, on 3 July 2017, came less than two weeks after a report from the Government Accountability Office said the government’s deal for the two EPR units, now estimated to be costing £19.6bn (€22.3bn, $25.5bn), has locked consumers into a risky and expensive project with uncertain strategic and economic benefits.

The same report concludes, however, that the UK needs nuclear.

This special NucNet report looks at the latest developments on both sides of the Hinkley debate.

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