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發表人 nicenter 於 2018/5/18 15:10:00 (8 人讀取)

Canada-based L3 MAPPS has been awarded a contract to upgrade the full scope operator training simulator it supplied for unit 1 of Belgium's Tihange nuclear power plant. Meanwhile, USA-based GSE Systems has been contracted to upgrade and provide simulators to Chinese reactors.

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發表人 nicenter 於 2018/5/18 15:08:34 (8 人讀取)

Nuclear energy provides almost one-third of the EU’s electricity, but there is a real danger that policymakers are ignoring its attributes as a reliable, low-carbon energy source that can work alongside renewables, says Yves Desbazeille, director-general of industry group Foratom.

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發表人 nicenter 於 2018/5/18 15:06:47 (8 人讀取)

Organisational and technical measures are needed to improve the safety of the Democratic Republic of Congo's research reactor, an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) team of experts has concluded. TRICO-II, at the Kinshasa Nuclear Research Centre (CREN-K), has not been in operation since 2003.

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發表人 nicenter 於 2018/5/16 14:17:48 (9 人讀取)

15 May (NucNet): The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has conducted its first assessment of Afghanistan’s cancer care needs, a statement by the agency said.

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發表人 nicenter 於 2018/5/16 14:16:56 (9 人讀取)

Canada's Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) has signed or renewed cooperation agreements with counterparts from five countries: Belgium, France, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. The organisation has previously signed such agreements with nuclear waste management organisations in Finland, South Korea and Japan.

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發表人 nicenter 於 2018/5/16 14:13:57 (8 人讀取)

A surge in new nuclear plants coming online is helping to build a sustainable global energy mix, reduce emissions and meet electricity demand, but more is needed, World Nuclear Association Director General Agneta Rising told the Atomexpo 2018 conference yesterday.

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發表人 nicenter 於 2018/5/11 14:35:49 (8 人讀取)

10 May (NucNet): US energy Secretary Rick Perry has urged Saudi Arabia to sign a nuclear energy agreement with the US, warning the oil-rich kingdom that it risks missing out on an opportunity to show its commitment to using nuclear power responsibly.

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發表人 nicenter 於 2018/5/11 14:34:50 (11 人讀取)

The UK government has launched an open consultation on the future regulation of nuclear sites in the final stages of decommissioning and clean-up. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) said the consultation seeks to enable a "more flexible approach that can optimise waste management, thereby realising environmental benefits and reducing costs".

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發表人 nicenter 於 2018/5/11 14:32:27 (7 人讀取)

The US Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) has called on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to move quickly to define, foster and retain resiliency on the country's electricity grid before further nuclear generating capacity is lost through premature plant retirements. Meanwhile, the independent, non-partisan Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES) has issued a new report outlining how US policymakers can preserve the emission benefits of nuclear energy.

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發表人 nicenter 於 2018/5/9 14:38:28 (16 人讀取)

The CAREM Project has reached a new milestone in the development of the 12 steam generators for the prototype CAREM-25 in Argentina. More than 700 tubes, each 35 meters long, have been delivered to the site, Combustibles Nucleares Argentinos (CONUAR), announced on 4 May.

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發表人 nicenter 於 2018/5/9 14:26:56 (14 人讀取)

BWX Technologies Inc (BWXT) has developed an innovative process developed to manufacture molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) which it says is a breakthrough for medical radioisotope manufacturing technology. The company plans to introduce the technology by the end of 2019, subject to regulatory approvals.

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發表人 nicenter 於 2018/5/9 14:17:45 (35 人讀取)

By combining flexible nuclear power plant operation with the use of variable renewable energy sources, Europe will be able to ensure security of energy supply while reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, according to the European nuclear trade body Foratom. However, it calls for an EU energy policy that creates the right market and regulatory conditions for this to happen.

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發表人 nicenter 於 2018/5/4 14:14:18 (17 人讀取)

A third training class of nuclear operators for Vogtle units 3 and 4 have passed their US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) initial licensing exam. Fifty-six licensed operators are now available for the units, where construction milestones continue to be met. Employees of the United Arab Emirates' nuclear regulator have also completed a reactor operator training programme.

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發表人 nicenter 於 2018/5/4 14:12:09 (19 人讀取)

A study by US regional transmission organisation (RTO) PJM Interconnection on the effects of the proposed closure of four nuclear units on grid reliability ignores the units' contribution to fuel diversity and zero-carbon emissions, FirstEnergy Solutions (FES) said on 30 April.

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發表人 nicenter 於 2018/5/2 14:28:01 (14 人讀取)

1 May (NucNet): The International Atomic Energy Agency has helped remove 27 disused highly radioactive sources from five South American countries in a significant step forward for nuclear safety and security in the region, the Vienna-based UN agency said on 30 April 2018. It was the largest such project ever facilitated by the IAEA.

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發表人 nicenter 於 2018/5/2 14:26:44 (18 人讀取)

The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) yesterday released a summary report from its Nuclear Cost Drivers project which identifies eight "key drivers" and 35 "credible opportunities" to reduce the cost of generating electricity using nuclear power. The study is led by Clean Tech Catalyst, Ltd (CTC), working with Lucid Strategy.

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發表人 nicenter 於 2018/5/2 14:25:24 (14 人讀取)

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has selected 13 projects to receive USD60 million of cost-shared R&D funding for advanced nuclear technologies, including the first awards under the US Industry Opportunities for Advanced Nuclear Technology Development initiative. Recipients include NuScale Power's small modular reactor, which has become the first SMR to complete the first phase of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) design certification process.

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發表人 nicenter 於 2018/4/27 14:24:39 (21 人讀取)

Paladin Energy has begun preparations at Langer Heinrich ahead of a potential decision to put the Namibian uranium mine under care and maintenance. A decision is expected within two months.

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發表人 nicenter 於 2018/4/27 14:22:10 (23 人讀取)

An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) team of experts yesterday completed a review of long-term operational safety at unit 3 at the South Ukraine nuclear power plant. The Pre-SALTO (Safety Aspects of Long Term Operation) team reviewed the plant's organisation and programmes related to long-term operation (LTO), including human resources and knowledge management.

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發表人 nicenter 於 2018/4/27 14:18:58 (20 人讀取)

The Philippines Department of Energy has submitted its recommendation to the President on the country's nuclear energy policy. The policy will include a decision on the future of the mothballed Bataan nuclear power plant.

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