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國際核能現況 : Orano Boss Says Brussels Has Not Been ‘Nuclear Positive’
發表人 nicenter 於 2018/6/22 15:16:25 (52 人讀取)

21 Jun (NucNet): Brussels has not been “nuclear-positive” in recent years, but if Europe is serious about taking carbon out of its energy consumption, then nuclear energy needs to be part of the solution together with renewables, Orano chief executive Philippe Knoche said in an interview with Politico.

Responding to a question about the EU’s Clean Energy Package of policies for 2020-2030 making no mention of nuclear, Mr Knoche said with the public consultation on the European Commission’s 2050 climate strategy proposal starting, there is an opportunity to say to the Commission: “2050 without nuclear, but carbon-free — how do you do that?”

Mr Knoche said growth in nuclear will be seen in “Asia in particular” — India, China and the restarts in Japan. “We already have around a quarter of our activity there and our objective is to bring it to 30%, in line with the fact that the share of Asia in the global nuclear market will grow.”

He warned that Europe needs to keep its technological leadership, for example on recycling or advanced mining techniques. “Europe has a competitive edge for nuclear – there are around 800,000 nuclear working people in Europe; 200,000 in France.”

State-controlled Orano was formerly New Areva. Mr Knoche said the company is focusing on the handling of nuclear materials, from uranium mining, to enriching that uranium and recycling.

The interview is online: https://politi.co/2MLkD0H


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